About me

After her Fine Art Master Degree at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, NL (2015) she has travelled for art projects to Indonesia and Suriname. In Suriname she fell in love with the people, nature and the culture and had been living and working between Amsterdam and Paramaribo since 2018.

Her practice, which is often collaborative in nature, aims to address sociopolitical issues such as (eco) feminism, the politics of food, colonial narratives and racism; whilst exploring (moving) images, poetry and performance as a visual language. 

She uses natural elements such as water (project Watra and Poetry of Water – Amsterdam 2015 & Watra – Suriname 2018), stone (project Parc the Luz – Brasil 2014) or (medicinal) plants and herbs (project Jamu Journal – Indonesia 2018 & Mama Fu Doti – Suriname 2020/ 2021) to organize events, public meetings and workshops in different social contexts. With her work she takes a social position and as a visual artist she actively relates to society by both making visual art and organizing various activities within the cultural field to initiate dialogue, awareness and change.

Besides her art projects Coco has been involved in various cultural foundations in Paramaribo and the interior of Suriname, where she works as a project manager.

Coco is presented by the online gallery www.597photography.com.