Invisible man

Invisible Man (Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem NL – 2019)

For the exhibition Invisible Man in gallery Nieuwe Vide, Coco organized three reading groups, around themes linked to the exhibition such as power structures, racism, colonization, the fear of ‘the other’ and alternatives to this.

Using text, music, poetry and (moving) images, the reading groups focused on collective thinking, listening, writing, seeing and imagining. The reading group drew inspiration from historical and contemporary voices such as Claudia Rankine, Frantz Fanon, Audrey Lorde, Anil Ramdas and more.

Based on these different reading groups, Coco created a series of digital collages that were presented during the closing weekend of the exhibition.

Previous reading groups and reading performances that Coco organized have included:

  • Jamu for Social Change in collaboration with Koperasi Wanita Seruni Putih Kiringan and M. N. Qomaruddin, Cemeti, Institute of Art and Society, Yogjakarta Indonesia (2018).
  • Wataa in collaboration with Tolin Alexander, Moengo Suriname (2018).
  • Poetry of Water in collaboration with Yoonis Osman (NL 2017).
  • Feminist perspectives on the commons in collaboration with Annette Krauss and Karijn van den Berg (NL 2016).
  • Language as Activism in collaboration with the We Are Here Academy and the We Are Here (NL 2015).
  • Dutch language as Colonial language in collaboration with Mounira al Solh and Delphine Bedel (NL 2015) and in collaboration with the Tembe Art Studio in Moengo, Suriname (2016).

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