The series Watra (meaning Water in Sranan Tongo) was made between 2016 and 2018. The images show the inlands of Suriname and the community of a small village names Kaya-Pati.

The images where presented together with the poem below during the Moengo Festival of Visual Art 2018:

If the water could talk

What would it say,



What would it teach us about history

About the brave people who fought here

About the children born by the river

About the fish

About the ships, the trade, the port

About the wooden korjaal Washed over the countless pangis and hair and bodies

About the war, the hiding and fleeing

The river always remains the river Silent and calm, full of stories

The river sees everything,

Experiences everything,

Moves and waves

The guys who wash their cars

The tourists who come ashore